Thursday, 14 August 2008

Im so very sorry, but this is the best pic i can post at this point.its a pirate mask. enjoy it....

*Big fat edit-its my birthday innit-* Saw Cissy and Broken arm this evening (for me birthday like). admittedly the evening turned into a massive battle of who can flick the most beermats n catch them. i lost.

anyway. cissy were amazing, imagine the meters meets battles. yes, that good.

broken arm were ace tooo. nick is like the public school version of rollins. we had a good chat about rollins actually, that guy needs to be less important. hes just a meathead after all.

anyway, i wish i could put more pics up but im an imbecile

listening to the new tomassi album, its fucking incredible. serious. it'll blow minds.


very pissed lee

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PABH x said...

send me the tommmmmasssi album you bum pants

happy birthsadays