Saturday, 27 December 2008

this is nice footage from leeds festival

some funny youtubes here of leeds festival set from this year. rob nearlly loses his head, tom surfs the crowd and i nearlly throw my guitar into space. i dont remember any of this. hope your all having a swell xmas break.



Sunday, 14 December 2008

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Scooby dooby fucking doo. So been looking into the idea of smashing it up in the bath with a new book and only just realised David Shrigley has a book out I didnt know about. Came out fairly recently I believe. I hope and prey its contents will cheer me up so much I float up from the steaming hot water of my deep bath and I become a better more well rounded human being person people man.

I'm going to buy this asap and draw you some horrible pictures influenced by its pages and post em here.



Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Todays Maida Vale session!!!!

Wow. The wonders of wireless internet and gadgets. We've had such an awesome day today. We finally met our manager and some label friends and the bloody lovely Tommy & Sam (These Monsters) brought us down for the ride. Just uploaded these pics and a video this very second. Should be aired in next few weeks I think. MACHO!


And here is a little video Tommy Monsters filmed!

Gotta dash now for food and 5 hour drive!
woooo hoooooooooooo

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Tomorrow is Wednesday 1st october..........

And we'll be recording a radio 1 session from around 1pm.

We will also be posting some pics and films up for you to see later that night so come back here night time after 8pm.

James Boobx

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Monday, 1 September 2008

so yeah

looks like are tour for october is just about done and dusted. well exciting. artwork for the single is nearlly done. tom's been up drawing most nights till god knows when. it literally is a meat balloon. we played sheffield last night at the harley hotel. they gave us a room to stay in and just about unlimited booze. it was a firey night. feel like fucking shit actually. some of the niceest people i have ever met were working that gig. lovely big shout out to kate, becca and all the harley crew. pan fried gut rot. ayeeeeeeee. clip of the single will be up in a week or two. just 3 seconds of it though.


3 Oct 2008 21:00
4 Oct 2008 14:00
Mammoth Weekender w/Art of burning water (Fuck yes!), RSP, Omerta & More Packhorse, Leeds
5 Oct 2008 20:00
Hockley Hustle - This Town Needs Guns+Tubelord+Wasp Display+Nephu Huzzband+The Cusp+Dinosaur Pile-Up Nottingham, The Bodega Social Club
7 Oct 2008 20:00
Comienza la gira española de la banda británica PULLED APART BY HORSES. En Vitoria. El Parral. VITORIA-GASTEIZ, Álava, Spain
8 Oct 2008 20:00
PULLED APART BY HORSES + grupo invitado en Zaragoza. C.S.A. Arrebato ¡ZARAGOZA, LECHE!, Zaragoza, Spain
9 Oct 2008 20:00
PULLED APART BY HORSES + Grupo invitado. Madrid. EL PERRO CLUB. Villa de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
10 Oct 2008 20:00
PULLED APART BY HORSES en The Rincon Pio Sound. ¡¡¡¡¡DON BENITO!!!! Don Benito, Badajoz, Spain
11 Oct 2008 20:00
Lisbon / Porto / Bragança Portugal
18 Oct 2008 20:00
Brainwash Festival III Leeds, The Brudenell Social Club
24 Oct 2008 20:00
House party with Rolo Tomassi Sheffield
25 Oct 2008 20:00
with support Preston, Mad Ferret
26 Oct 2008 20:00
with support Glasgow, Captain’s Rest
27 Oct 2008 20:00
supporting - Oxes & Bilge Pump Liverpool, The Kazimier
28 Oct 2008 20:00
Artrocker Club - Single Launch Buffalo Bar, London
29 Oct 2008 20:00
with support The Regal, Oxford
30 Oct 2008 20:00
with support TBA, Nottingham

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Im so very sorry, but this is the best pic i can post at this point.its a pirate mask. enjoy it....

*Big fat edit-its my birthday innit-* Saw Cissy and Broken arm this evening (for me birthday like). admittedly the evening turned into a massive battle of who can flick the most beermats n catch them. i lost.

anyway. cissy were amazing, imagine the meters meets battles. yes, that good.

broken arm were ace tooo. nick is like the public school version of rollins. we had a good chat about rollins actually, that guy needs to be less important. hes just a meathead after all.

anyway, i wish i could put more pics up but im an imbecile

listening to the new tomassi album, its fucking incredible. serious. it'll blow minds.


very pissed lee

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Recording our first release........

So yeah hi. Information from the covenant of equines. We've been busy recording our first release this weekend gone and last night we just finished the vocals with some notorious help from 'The Wintermute Macho Choir' who supplied us with some much needed gang vocals. It should all be announced soonish. It's all quite exciting. The unstoppable Ben Gardener has been laying the 'shit' down onto binary boards and last night we finally finished it all. Ben works hard and has a great physique much similar to that of a 16 year old athletic teenager. We push Ben hard and he never falls over. He used to have a weight problem but luckily he found that if he stares long enough into the monitor of an apple mac he rapidly begins to lose weight. The chocolate éclairs were literally falling off him last night. Seriously mate. I think I'm still a bit smashed in the head from recording. Speak soon I guess.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Ah man my orange kit kat :(

Just made a big mug of coffee, found some orange kit kats in the cupboard, then I bloody dropped it in the mug. Fucking hell fire. Chocolate and coffee soup with orange juice in it. Who the balls is gona eat that? Probably homeless Lee actually.

James dawg.x

ah ha

ive worked it out now


How do

these blog sites work then?


we are interesting to read about...

Ok, maybe not. But lots of exciting things are stirring up in the horses camp, so I thought i'd set up this here blog so people can keep up with whats going on and not have to use those horrible myspace blogs to do it.

we played Moorfest on friday night, which ws great fun considering when we woke up on friday morning we thought we weren't gonna play at all. turns out Dan Deacon had his passport knicked so couldn't play. Your loss is our gain Dan, soz mate. Anyway, we played a stormer and finished up with most of Grammatics, Paul Marshall and Lins playing the end riff to 'Lion..'.
everybody had drugs except us pretty much, we're good boys...

After a hefty booze upstairs at the packhorse post-moorfest, I awoke at 11am to record my drums for our new single (out in october, details sooooon...). managed to storm through 4 tracks with the help of James playing a guide track. Rob did the same with the bass in the afternoon. Rock n' roll pro's!

James and Tom did guitars last night, according to James the guitars sound like "Fire. Actual Fire". Can't wait to hear it!

I've got a full week in Newcastle, which is rare these days. Good to get some work done. I did a phone interview with hip hop man Dalek yesterday. He was a nice guy.

Reading fest in 10 days or something. Holy crap. Oh yeah, we're actually on the listings for Offset now, check it out - check the line up bit


Lee x