Thursday, 26 February 2009

really sorry like

Not updated this for a while. We been slacking. Got some time off at the moment and we are writing new material. We just recorded new track 'E = MC Hammer' which is getting released in April. More details on that soon. It sounds like large hammers smashing down on the sea. We swoon off around the UK with the bloody amazing Blood Red Shoes on 10th March. Were all over the moon to be off on tour with Laura and Steve. Canny wait. Check myspace for dates. The shows are mainly down south but fear not everyone else. We are all over the shop in mid/late March with We versus the Shark. I'm writing a new song right now called 'Circle of Friends'. I think I've stolen it from yeah, yeah, yeahs though. Bollocks. Re-think time.

This weeks NME has me giving some terrible advice in a new n' unsigned band column in the back about video diaries and the web. Don’t listen to a word I say to any of you. Seriously.

Super wind chop ur dad.

You see!

I went to the Yorkshire dales the other day. It was rad yes>

More news on some amazing new tours and releases soon for yee all. We'll have a brand new track on our myspace player on Monday night after 9pm. Listen to Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 1 next Monday. That’s all I can say.

Keep ur beef close to ur heart guys and gals.

Mother ship Brown signing out.

Beef kegwinds